Friday, 22 September 2017

Living In Kuala Lumpur

New post, new digs. Kind of similar to Chennai, India. Nothing like ye olde living of Vilnius, Lithuania. Moving every two, three years around the world isn't for everybody, maybe not for most people. Sarah and James enjoy the variety of housing, the experience of being thrown into a different way of living.

Speaking of living, the living (and dining, kitchen in the background) room.

First housing quirk, kitchens in KL can be split between "dry" and "wet." On the left, "dry." It isn't really dry by western definitions, since it features a sink. For Asia, it's the part of the kitchen that is presentable to the family, guests, hence part of the living area. On the right, the "wet" section of the kitchen. This kitchen is the workhorse, with cooktop and dishwashing area. This kitchen is for the maid/cook/live-in help. The door shuts, the laundry room is located beyond the kitchen and there's a small sleeping/bathroom prison area attached, should you choose to hire live-in help.

It's a bit of an adjustment to ping pong between the two kitchens, especially with the giant front door as a sort of DMZ zone in the middle.

More quirks, the magical glass cube bathroom in the master bedroom.

Storage is always an issue in hot climate apartments. Who wears clothes in this climate? What to do with all that American food you brought? Shove it.

Moving beyond the apartment, did we mention we have a nice view of our.....

60+ meter pool?  We'll have webbed feet by the end of this tour. Out of the water, choose between the gym or tennis court.

If Rabbit is home, we're home.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Being Crateful In Kuala Lumpur

You know you've arrived at a new post when your stuff shows up. It all seems a bit abstract until that truck pulls up, the back opens, revealing your material life. Be careful what you wish for.

Set for the big unload.

Checking the shipping label. If it says Talalay, it's got to be us. Tools to open the crates. Like a dentist, just rougher. 

The real sign that you've arrived: Rabbit Revealed.

Another, more ominous sign: your apartment packed with boxes. Let the stowing begin. Ugh.

No worries, once Rabbit is out of the bag (box), life at the new post begins!